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5 Piece Yoga Resistance Loop Band Set - Latex

5 Piece Yoga Resistance Loop Band Set - Latex

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Tone your body, build strength and improve flexibility by making use of these loop resistant bands in your workout routine. The resistance loop bands range from  light to heavy


-You can exercise your abs, arms, legs and back
-Develop your shoulders and back
-Ideal for Yoga and Pilates exercises
-Especially beneficial for a "safe stretch"
-May improve range of motion and flexibility
-It can effectively improve muscle strength, physical mobility and flexibility.
-Improves athletic performance to help treat a variety of chronic diseases.
-When you pull the elastic band from the beginning, the longer you pull, the more resistance you will get.
-Natural latex, non-toxic and odorless, not to stimulate the skin, good elasticity, toughness, strong and durable.
Weight: 130g
Material: latex
colors : Black,Yellow,Blue,Red,Green
What's in the box:
1 X Latex Fitness resistance loop bands-5 bands
1 X Manual

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