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  • Want to mix up your cardio routine?

    Some Benefits of Rebounding:

    -Boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function

    -Increase Bone Density

    -Helps improve digestion

    -Strengthen Heart and Lungs

    -Improve oxygen circulation, thus increasing energy

    -Improves muscle tone throughout the body

    -Rebounding is fun!

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  • Professional Kinesiology Tape

    Key Features:

    -Stretch Capability of up to 170%, similar to human skin

    -Similar weight and thickness to human skin

    -Ability to stretch in 2 directions, diagonally relative to the longitudinal axis

    -Easy to Cut


    -Permeable to air and moisture

    -100% acrylic adhesive coating, hypoallergenic


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  • Smart Hula Hoop

    Do you want to get fit and have some fun in the process? Well then look no further than the Jaguar Fitness Smart Hula Hoop. The fully adjustable waist ring, built with modular segments, can be shortened or lengthened to suit most waist sizes. Choose from Models, and 3 colors per model.

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